Meet Our Team

  • mooney_headshot
  • Michelle Mooney
    General Manager

    I have been a proud member of the Bon Appétit family for seven years. I always relish being able to tell people I work for a company that is dedicated to sustainable foodservice, sourcing the freshest ingredients and cooking from scratch. I most enjoy educating our guests about the fresh ingredients and where they came from. When I’m not focused on farm to table foodservice, I enjoy sampling the native cuisine of New England villages with my husband Jim and daughter Anna.

    (202) 662-9047
  • brock_ormond_executive_chef_gulc-meettheteam
  • Brock Ormond
    Executive Chef

    Growing up in a sustenance farming community has inspired me to pursue a career in the food service industry. After graduating from my culinary arts studies, I honed my knowledge of farm related food and food production. I was excited to work for a company that brought me back to why I love working in food service, and I look forward to sharing my food knowledge with the community and bringing local farmers into the fold.

  • keith_crunk_director_of_catering-meettheteam
  • Keith Crunk
    Catering Manager

    My experience in the hospitality industry has taken me all over the United States and has exposed me to all levels of events! I like to bring a five-star experience to every events, from a simple breakfast buffet to an elegant seated dinner.